Most of the antibacterial prescriptions are manufactured from the essential oils. These oils are mainly derived from plants. Most of the conventional medicines used in fighting bacteria are associated with certain side effects. The natural approach is the best option when fighting bacteria.

The prescribed antibiotics might also lead to the rise of bacterial strains which are resistant to antibiotics. These oils have been in use for many centuries in fighting the disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The oils have excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Let us have a look at the best essential oils used in fighting bacteria.

Cinnamon oil

Other than adding good tastvfbegegee to the food, cinnamon when consumed has a high capability of fighting off the potential bacteria in the body. For instance, the product works very effectively in killing the bacteria after the root canal procedure is done. Another study also revealed that cinnamon oil is an effective antibacterial agent against both biofilm E. fracalis and planktonic bacteria. It also acts as an excellent antimicrobial agent in the root canal treatment procedure. In general, cinnamon affects the growth of bacteria slowing down their multiplication.

Oregano oil

The increasing rate of bacterial resistance to the standard antibiotics is becoming a big challenge to the health industry. It has led to increased attention to the use of plants as the possible alternatives in fighting the harmful bacteria. Research has shown that silver nano-particles and oregano oil have significant antibacterial property against some of the bacteria strains that are drug resistant.

The results also revealed that both combined and individual treatments reduced the cell density thus giving way to increased antimicrobial activities through the process of cell disruption. These results proved that oregano oil is a better alternative in controlling bacterial infections.

Tea tree oilsavweccgrb

This is another suitable alternative used in fighting bacteria topically. Research that was done in India showed the effectiveness of tea oil against staph and E. coli infections when combined with the eucalypts oil. In fact, its combination with eucalyptus oils is highly recommended in treating chest colds infections.

Thyme oil

This oil works wonderfully when used as an antimicrobial. Research done has proved how effective this oil is against the bacteria found in Salmonella and milk. Thyme oil is recognized as safe. It can be used in food as preservative thereby protecting our bodies against bacteria. This proves that it is a better choice when compared with the chemical approach.