Vitamins For Skin Health


Vitamin supplements are very efficient and safe acne and skin remedies. The correct nutritional requirement is necessary for promoting healthy skin. Let us have a look at some of the vital vitamins used or treating acne. Vitamins are compounds that are not manufactured in the body in adequate amounts although they are required in small quantities. Vitamins are essential for the general health. Vitamins help in keeping your skin free from acne.

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Dietary changes and vitamin supplements help in reducing pimples as well as clearing your skin. They improve the skin’s condition without causing any side effects to your health. Vitamins are needed in almost every biochemical process that takes place in the body. A deficiency occurs when they are supplied in low amounts. The deficiency of various vitamins can lead to serious health complications such as acne dermatitis.

Vitamins being essential for the proper functioning of the enzymes, cells, tissues, and organs can be very beneficial to the acne sufferers. Vitamins play a significant role in regulating certain aspects in the immune system which in turn reverses some of the biological processes which culminate in the eruption of acne on the skin. Vitamins have potent antioxidant, anti-comedogenic, exfoliating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are very useful in the treatment of acne.

Vitamin A

It is among the most important vitamins required by the body. It is very crucial your skin’s health. Lack of vitamin A could lead to some problems such as dryness of the skin, weak nails, skin’s patches and dry hair. This vitamin helps to treat acne by rejuvenating your skin. It is also needed for reducing inflammation of the skin by boosting the immune system. It also plays a vital role in the maintenance of the hormonal balance.

Vitamin D

It plays a significant role since it affethrfwy53yects keratinocyte biology- skin’s biology. It is also referred to as the sunshine vitamin since it is synthesized by the skin cells once they are exposed to sunlight. This vitamin also affects muscle. In addition to the effect on muscle, vitamin D is known to significantly influence the general appearance and the health of our skin. It can be obtained from alfalfa and mushrooms.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is delivered to the skin directly through sebaceous glands. Deficiency of this vitamin could lead to inflammation, acne, skin problems and redness of the skin. It has a strong antioxidant effect which is responsible for regeneration of tissues needed in repairing wounds. It also mops up the reactive oxygen species that are produced from the metabolism of fats. This vitamin also helps in protecting the skin from any damage that would be caused by the harmful ultra violet rays from sunlight.